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Anis G. Haggar

Anis George Haggar

Position: Chairman, Board of Directors, Haggar Holding Co. Ltd, Republic of Sudan

          Primary and Secondary education, first in Egypt and subsequently in England,
          followed by a Management Training Program with an International Company.      

          - Awarded “Order of The Loyal Son Of Sudan”   in June, 1999
          - Awarded “Commander of the Order of Civil Merit” by King Juan Carlos of Spain

          - Honorary Doctorate (Honoris Causae) Economics - University of Juba in November 1999.
          - Honorary Doctorate (Honoris Causae) Sudan University – March 2004
          - Honorary Doctorate (Honoris Causae) Ahfad University for Women – April 2004
          - Honorary Doctorate (Honoris Causae) Al Zaeem Al Azhari University - February 2017

          - Chairman, Board of Directors, Haggar Holding Co. Ltd, Republic of Sudan,
          - Chairman, Board of Directors, Haggar Holding Co. Ltd, Republic of South Sudan.
          - Chairman, Haggar Group Companies,
          - Chairman, Board of Trustees, Haggar Foundation,
Member of the Governing Boards of:
          - Chairman, Haggar Company Limited, Sudan and its subsidiaries,
          - Chairman, Haggar Company Limited, Republic of South Sudan and its subsidiaries,
          - Juba Insurance Company, Khartoum and Juba,
          - Ivory Bank, Juba,
          - Director, Holland Park Wine Company Ltd., London.
          - Chairman, Haggar DMCC, Dubai,
          - Chairman, Haggar Trading, Spain,
          - Chairman, Board of Trustees, Haggar Foundation.    

Social and Cultural Activities:
          - Active Board Member of a number of National Committees, Charity Organizations, Hospitals and Councils in the Sudan,
          - Chairman, Bridges International, Sudan.

Member of Governing Boards:
     - Former Member of the Constitution Committee
          a. Member of the Executive Committees of:
               1. Sudanese American Friendship Society,
               2. Sudanese British Friendship Society
               3. Investment Committee - Sudanese Chamber of Commerce Resource group, Sudan Peace talks, Naivasha, Kenya.
               4. Sudanese Delegation negotiating accession to WTO , Geneva
               5. Khartoum Cheshire Home,
               6. Member, Sudan South Sudan Dialogue Group, under the   auspices of The Carter Center, Atlanta, Future Studies
                    Center, Khartoum, Ebony Center for Strategic Studies, Juba.

          b. Vice President, Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation and the Sudanese Chamber of Industry.
          c. Member of the Board of Trustees of The Children Cancer Hospital 99199 Association
          d. Member of the National Committee for Corporate Social Responsibility and the implementation of ISO 26000
          e. Member and initiator of the initiative to create meaningful employment for young men and women,  
          f. Member of SCORT (Swiss NGO) Football Youth Program in Sudan,
          g. Sponsor, Ebony Center For Strategic Studies, Republic of South Sudan
          h. Member of the Board, Sudan Foundation For  Persons with Disability
          i. Member of the Board, Sudan Food Bank


Participated and presented papers at a number of National and International Conferences, in diversified fields, including and not limited to; Peace and Conflict Resolution, International Relations, Trade and Economics, Relief and Humanitarian issues, Corporate Social Responsibility and the UNGC, together with other issues of importance to Sudan and the Region.

2003/2004 Independent Resource person, Naivasha Peace Negotiations

Former Honorary Consul General, Republic of Liberia,
Former Honorary Consul, Kingdom of Spain

Patron and Benefactor, St Antony’s College, Oxford.

June, 2017


Alexandria University in 1970 and practiced medicine in Sudan from 1970 to 1974. In 1974, she received a ncil.






“Let us work together in peace and harmony
to build up new Industries which will be of benefit to us,
and more importantly to benefit the Country and the People
which we have chosen to live in and amongst”.

George M. Haggar
(1915 – 1996)

All our actions must be measured 
by our success in achieving this goal.



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