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Sara M. Abbo

Sara M. H. Abbo

Position: TBC


    •  PHD Al-Zaem Alazhari (Gender Social Life in Khartoum State).
    •  PHD process Khartoum University on Human Trafficking.
    •  MSC Ahfad Regional institute Gender and Peace.
    •  MSC Khartoum university status determination of asylum seeker.
    •  Psycho and Trauma Heeling for refugees.
    •  Diploma on Human Rights Khartoum University.
    •  Bachelor of law Cairo University 1978.
    •  Diploma on Psycho and Social Studies Ahfad School 1975.


    •  School teacher two years.
    •  Ministry of Justice Attorney general Office chamber (translation of Sudanese laws).
    •  UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) 1979 – 2014.
    •  Chair Lady for Sabah Association for street Kids 2000 and currently.
    •  Chair Lady of the Executive Committee of Haggar Foundation and Board member 2016 and currently.
    •  Member of the National Parliament 2016 and Currently (Women continuance).
    •  Chair Lady of the Shura of the Sudanese General Union.
    •  Producing Program on Weekly base at Blue Nile Channel on Social and Family problems.
    •  Initiated and Participated in 1991 family law currently under reform.




“Let us work together in peace and harmony
to build up new Industries which will be of benefit to us,
and more importantly to benefit the Country and the People
which we have chosen to live in and amongst”.

George M. Haggar
(1915 – 1996)

All our actions must be measured 
by our success in achieving this goal.



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